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Removable Disks

Whether you are storing your data on an external USB hard drive, USB ‘thumbdrive’, SD card, or still using older media like Zip or Jazz cartridges or even floppy diskettes CBL Data Recovery can assist in times of need.

Removable storage devices are utilized in both the computing environment and for other digital capture devices such as cameras. Some removable media available today are approaching the performance, capacity and cost of hard disk drives. Unfortunately, floppy disk media are much more susceptible to failure due to their size and portability. At CBL Data Recovery, we are able to retrieve lost data from:

USB Hard Drives
USB thumbdrives
Jaz Disks
Zip Disks
SyQuest Cartridges
Digital Camera Media – SD cards, microSD, Compact Flash
Floppy Disks
Optical Disks
The Process for Removable Media Data Recovery

Once your USB thumbdrive, floppy disk, zip, jaz, or related media is received by CBL, it is immediately logged into our system. At this point, you will receive a call from your CBL customer care professional who will confirm receipt of your media and gather any additional information required by our data recovery engineers.

Your removable media is then placed in our lab for a free evaluation. During this evaluation, a copy of your media is made. As part of our service commitment to you, a workable copy of your SD media is necessary in order to ensure the integrity of your original data is maintained at all times.

As soon as the evaluation is complete, your customer care professional will contact you with the lab results. If data recovery is possible, a quotation will immediately be faxed or e-emailed to you for approval.

Once your data is recovered it is taken through a strict quality control process to ensure the data is in a usable format.

Your data will be returned to you on the media of your choice. In most cases, DVD’s are utilized but opticals, zip disks and hard disk drives are also available when needed. CBL can also provide your information back online via FTP transfer. This allows you to download data from our servers quickly and securely.

To arrange shipment of your digital media, please fill out our online data recovery form. Our online data recovery system will provide you with a job reference number for tracking purposes along with shipping instructions for your media.

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